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Health & Wellness

Coherence in your body restores health fast!

Physiology is composed of thousands of interconnecting feedback loops.

When parts of that intricate mechanism are blocked or out of balance, we experience the functional interference and resultant symptoms of pathophysiology.

We analyze the functional response characteristics of your biofield to find the optimum interventions for you in real time.

Rather than chasing symptoms, which are at the effect end of the cause-and-effect causal chains, we find the specific Functional Formulations™ that promote a Coherence Zone™ in your entire biofield.

When all body systems are optimized simultaneously, the speed and efficiency of the body's innate healing processes proceed on average 12 times faster than the typical accumulation of damage related to aging and degeneration.

Find out what your body is missing right now!

Rebuild better health

Health is essential to quality of life.

Loss of your health is the greatest risk to catastrophic loss of your business and your financial security.

Keeping or restoring your health is doubly worth investing in, and we make it both cost efficient and clinically effective.

If your strategy for health promotion is lacking, everything else you value is put at risk...

Let us design a program tailored to your needs and budget.

In a fraction of the time

Time is money.

Hospitals, Insurance Companies and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers don't have many answers for RESTORING or IMPROVING health...

Reverse a year of accumulated damage for every month of Accelerated Self Healing™.

Whether you need to get your quality of life back, or you need to get yourself back to work at full efficiency, we've got you... 

Without leaving home

Telemedicine is on the rise...

Like a tsunami.

Doctors are trying to figure out how to work with patients remotely and patients are looking to avoid hospital and clinic visits.

It's all pretty new to everyone...

Except us.

We have been serving remote clients since BEFORE there was an internet. Trust in our proprietary processes that have been proven for over 35 years.

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